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联运 Shipping Services

Door-to-door convenience of truckload shipping with the long-haul economy of intermodal rail

Whether you are moving dry goods or hazardous materials across North America, intermodal transportation services are an economical, secure and environmentally friendly option for shipments of 500 miles or more.

Our relationships with intermodal rail carriers, our best-in-class technology, and our team of logistics experts can help lower your intermodal shipping costs, decrease supply chain inefficiencies, and provide you the end-to-end visibility you need to propel your business forward.

Benefits of 联运 Transportation

联运 shipping drives consistency, fuel savings, cargo security and sustainability in your logistics and supply chain management.

Reduce Emissions

联运 transportation burns less fuel than shipping by truck. 事实上, due to the large shipment volumes involved, a single rail shipment can save 100,000 gallons of diesel fuel as compared to truckload shipping.

Improve Reliability

When market volatility, new regulations, or other factors impact available truckload capacity and rates, intermodal shipping gives you the flexibility you need to ensure on-time, cost-effective transportation of your goods.


联运 freight loads going 500+ miles can typically be transported at a lower cost per pound than over the road shipping.

安全 & 安全

When properly blocked and braced, intermodal transportation services provides shippers a safe and secure option to move freight.


Our seasoned logistics experts take a holistic and consultative approach to your intermodal shipping needs, ensuring that your goals are our priority. Our team leverages proven processes, proactive communication, and our award-winning technology to help you achieve your objectives.

Proprietary TMS 技术

十大菠菜台子经颅磁刺激 gives you full visibility into your intermodal freight moves, 与跟踪, reporting and business intelligence. As your business grows and needs change, our technology will scale with your needs, simplifying operations, and driving opportunities for automation.

"十大菠菜台子 is my go-to. 的y get the job done and always go above and beyond for me."

– Buyer, 食物 and 饮料 Manufacturer

十大菠菜台子 Recognized by Inbound Logistics as a Green Supply Chain Partner


Let’s Reap the Benefits of 联运 Transport

Our expert team, extensive relationships with North America’s intermodal transportation network, and award-winning technology enable us to provide shippers with flexible transit times, 坡道位置, consistent capacity, and superior customer service.

Put our intermodal shipping experts to work for you today. Give us a call at 866-275-1407 or complete the form to have an expert reach out to you.